A Reception with artist Karen Collins and historian Dr. Timothy Nelson

February 13, 2023 - Departmental News

karen-collins-reception_poster-a4-document.pngJoin us in honor of Black History Month as we welcome the following extraordinary people to the Maxwell's center gallery for a special reception with food, drinks, and engaging dialogue and learning: artist Karen Collins and historian Dr. Timothy E. Nelson. The reception will take place right BEFORE Dr. Nelson's public lecture titled, "Blackdom, New Mexico: The Significance of the Afro-Frontier" (which will start at 5 PM in the Hibben Center for Archaeological Research, across from the Maxwell Museum). 

The gallery where the reception will be held will be showcasing two new and original artpieces by Karen Collins: Blackdom, NM & George McJunkin--the African American cowboy and archaeologist who discovered in New Mexico a distinctive type of stone tool, now called the Folsom point. Come see the exhibit and meet both Karen and Dr. Nelson in person! Then, stay for Dr. Nelson's lecture at 5 PM. 

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